Malaria Impact

In Ghana and Worldwide

According to the World Health Organization, Ghana had an estimated 7.2 million cases of malaria in 2006. Of those cases, 3.9 million occurred in children under five years old. Worldwide, malaria still kills a child every 30 seconds. Infants and small children have no resistance to the parasite inoculated by the Anopheles Mosquito, which is prevalent in West Africa. Research shows that children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to the disease.

INFANTA's Perspective

Challenges to Malaria eradication in Ghana

  • Insufficient availability of testing and treatment therapies.
  • Lack of financial resources to access proper diagnosis and care.
  • Incorrect diagnoses leading to incorrect supply of drugs.
  • Insufficient community larvicide spraying and elimination of breeding sites.

INFANTA's Solutions

For Combatting Malaria in Ghana

Engaging and educating Ghanaian communities in malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment therapies.

Community larvicide spraying and elimination of mosquito breeding sites.

Distribution of insecticide treated bed nets to communities across Ghana.