Mission Statement

Fighting Malaria Through Education, Action and Awareness

Despite the staggering statistics, malaria is easily preventable and treatable. So why then does this disease continue to cripple the nation? Infanta Malaria has found that in remote villages, the cost of treatment may be more than a family earns in one week, or even four weeks, so that no matter how sick local people are, they often cannot pay for treatment. Even when the existing health facilities receive subsidies, the people do not seek out treatment/testing because it is not absolutely free. Infanta's mission is to help bridge the gap between poverty and malaria prevention and treatment by bringing the message of prevention and eradication and the needed materials to poor communities across Ghana to enable and strengthen them in their fight against malaria. Our success lies in our ability to reach every remote rural village, as well as every crowded hamlet, and make the testing and treatment free. We believe that once the financial burden of prevention and treatment for malaria is removed, the number of people seeking treatment will dramatically increase, resulting in less illnesses and deaths from malaria.

Thus far, we have distributed thousands of insecticide treated nets across the nation, invested in larvicide spraying of communities, and enabled testing, treatment and education on malaria prevention and treatment across Ghana. Looking forward, INFANTA is working to develop the Mobile Clinic, funded by donors and fundraising activities, to reach every Ghanaian village and enable more people to be tested, treated and educated freely. By reaching every Ghanaian village, we are seeking to eradicate malaria in Ghana one village at a time. Ultimately, we will not stop until there are zero deaths and illnesses from malaria - this will be the true measure of our success!


2005 - 2010 Activities

Infanta Malaria thrives on the funds that we raise through fundraising events and special donations from businesses and embassies to carry out our mission of fighting malaria through education, action and awareness. Below are some of the activities/accomplishments undertaken from the INFANTA's inception in 2005 through 2010:

2010 Activities

  • Donation of insecticide treated nets during August in Madina Market, Cape Coast and Dangma West
  • Donation of Educational Materials including Teacher's Guide, Posters & Leaflets to 'Foase District Assembly Junior High School', Kumasi
  • Donation of Mosquito Netting and Materials to protect doors and windows to "Remand Centre for Boys and Junior Girls Correction Centre", Osu, Accra
  • Donation of Mosquito Netting and Materials to protect doors and windows to "Orthopeadic Training Centre in Nsawam"
  • Donation of Nets to an orphanage in Kumasi, "Ashan Children's Home"
  • In conjunction with Acts in Afrika, Infanta Malaria organized the World Malaria Day 2010 Programme at Tema Station for Kayayee where 600 nets, 600 Testing Kits and 600 doses of treatment where obtained from the Malaria Control Board and distributed
  • In collaboration with the Kokrobitey Institute, Infanta hosted 3 interns, all final year medical students from Princeton University, USA. Interns worked with Infanta on our Outreach Activities, net distributions in the North and Malaria research assistance for the Google Foundation
  • Hosted a night of classical music to raise funds towards the INFANTA mobile clinic

2009 Activities

  • To the GYE NYAME Mobile Clinic, SANTAASE (Kumasi, Ashanti Region), INFANTA donated a total of 280 treated nets, medical supplies and equipment, illustrated learning materials on malaria prevention and treatment
  • HPPE/IMPF COLLABORATION : The IMPF undertook a spraying and fogging project at Swedru and its environs in the Central Region to commemorate the one year anniversary of the HPPE Foundation in Ghana
  • To OKUSHIBIADE and HOBOR, Amasaman, Greater Accra Region, INFANTA donated treated nets, illustrated learning materials on malaria treatment and prevention, spraying machine and insecticides and organized a medical outreach program which involved testing and treating of malaria in children and nursing mothers by the ACTS in Africa group.
  • To BASCO ORPHANAGE, Suhum, Eastern Region, INFANTA donated a total of 200 treated nets, food supplies, learning materials and a medical outreach program by the Acts in Africa group

2008 Activities

  • Donation to the Denkyira village at Amasaman - Spraying Machines, training, Mosquito Nets, Coils, educational materials, Medications for Day Health Clinic in conjunction with Acts In Africa NGO
  • Donation to Asamankese Cluster of 6 Schools - Spraying Machines, Insecticide Chemicals, Clean-up Materials (wheel barrows, shovels, gloves, etc...), educational materials
  • INFANTA produced an Informational Brochure on Malaria Prevention, endorsed by the Ministry of Health, for distribution during the CAN 2008 Tournament in Accra
  • Donation to HelpAge, Accra - Window Screens and Mosquito Nets

2005 - 2007 Activities

  • Donation of 600 Mosquito Nets to NADMO for the Flood Victims in the Northern Regions of Ghana
  • Co-Sponsor of Africa Malaria Day 2007 Events with Ministry of Health and The National Malaria Control Programme
  • Held a corporate seminar on Malaria and Child Health Interventions
  • National Commeration of Africa Malaria Day through the organization of a Walk and Durbar
  • Comprehensive Rural Village Project at Atorkor Village, Volta Region
  • Donation of an Automatic Haematology Analyser Machine to Korle Bu Children's Ward
  • Donation of building materials and netting for doors and windows of the Babies' Ward at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital