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Kobede CHPS Clinic, Brong Ahafo
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How Community-Based Health and Planning Services (CHPS) Improves Malaria Control and Malnutrition.

It is an understatement to say that there is much room for improvement in children’s healthcare in Ghana. There is now a very effective referral system. This is the comprehensive community-based philosophy which involves infrastructure improvement in roads and communication system as well as adequate attention to transportation and logistics, specifically, the Community-Based Health and Planning Services programme.

The principal elements of CHPS involve health planning, community outreach and home visits and other on the ground services. This approach is proving to be a major factor in improving both geographical and financial access to health system interventions. CHPS is thus increasing the newborn’s chances of survival in Ghana. Consistent timely care has proven to be the most important improvement in child healthcare interventions in modern times.

In the communities where CHPS has been established and supported by the leadership, there is strong evidence that these communities are leading in reducing neonatal mortality, recording 17 per 1000 down from a 100 per 1000 liv births, towards fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). MDGs 4 and 5 relate to improving maternal health. Implicit in achieving the MDG goals means having a new approach to manpower planning, resource management, logistics and leadership.

Not only do we need quality completion of medical records data, but also the effective recording of data during delivery. Life saving equipment and supplies at both the community level and at referral points that are operated by properly trained medical practitioners in labour management and neonatal resuscitation are also a vital link to the success of the CHPS concept. In the Upper East and Western Regions where CHPS is being implemented and has received strong support, the evidence is there for all to see. CHPS is effective in reducing infant mortality.

Fortunately, we now have a First Lady, who is committed to raising the standard of healthcare for children in Ghana. Launching the Ghana Health Service, National Girls Iron-Folic Acid Tablet Supplementation (GIFTS) Programme, building CHPS compounds in as many communities as possible and building modern maternity wings in the existing government hospitals in our largest cities, Kumasi and Accra – these are just the beginning of a whole range of interventions that are being implemented by The Rebecca Foundation and Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation.